Behind the scenes with the events team at The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam dinner

stuart By Stuart Humphreys, Event Production, EY UK&I

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What is better than just seeing The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam? Why, visiting Tate Modern after hours for a private viewing of it, over delicious canapes and the finest bubbles, of course! This is what our EY hosts and their guests were greeted with as they arrived for one in a series of client events delivered by EY and hosted at Tate Modern.

The UK&I Major Events and production agency together worked hard to produce a visually stunning, globally themed lounge space, echoing Wifredo Lam’s extensive travels through America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa and the cultural influences he took from these.

6pm and Tate closes to the public…

It was GO, GO, GO for the production team, in which they only had 45 minutes to turn the level 3 space around from blank canvas art gallery to WOW factor Lam experience.


Upon arriving in the reception space, guests entered a lounge inspired by the international nature of Lam’s work, drawing inspiration from traditional Spanish architecture, French furniture and Cubo-African inspired ceramic patterns.


We used traditional furniture and a rich, warm colour scheme to set the scene, with eye catching feature bars inspired by architectural features and zoning displays created out of foliage such as palms and orchids.

The main colours played on some of Lam’s use of colour in his paintings with warm yellow, terracotta orange and sea green, with dark wood furniture and natural linen finishing the palette.


A warm welcome from Michel Driessen, EY’s Arts Sponsorship Partner.


Fascinating insight into the exhibition from Matthew Gale, its co-curator. After the speeches, guests were given a private, guided tour of the exhibition.


Inspired by Lam’s travels around Europe, guests were treated to continental fare for canapes and evening dinner. We served fillet of sea bass escabeche to start, followed by fillet of beef, roseval potato fondant with mushroom and madeira puree, and rounded off with the main event, a showstopping pud’ entitled “The Year of Rum”, which consisted of Barbancourt Rhum soaked caramel cake, bittersweet caramel cream, toasted banana ice cream and honey banana puff pastry…yum!


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The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam is open until 8 January at Tate Modern. EY people receive free access as part of The EY Tate Arts Partnership.