EY Family Workshops at Tate Modern

EY Natasha Moolman family 4 (16Nov) - permission to use
Our Summer Family Workshop

To celebrate The EY Exhibition: Sonia Delaunay, we held a workshop at Tate Modern for our EY people and their families. The interactive workshop gave six families the unique opportunity to explore Sonia Delaunay’s artwork: a kaleidoscopic journey of interpretation. The seminar room at Tate Modern became a lab for energetic experimentations with colours and shapes.

Artist Daniel Wallis lead the workshop and got creative juices whirring from the word go. As soon as families arrived (and a few biscuits later..) they were on their feet, scribbling on post-it-notes what they had heard, smelt and seen on their journey into London, and sticking them onto the wall to form one big collaborative journey: “pretty traffic lights”, “bumpy train”, “yummy French market”, “selfie on the Thames”, “the smell of chips”.

Artist Daniel Wallis lead the workshop
Artist Daniel Wallis leading the workshop

Our families were then whisked onto the exhibition. Focusing on Delaunay’s Trans-Siberian Railway and Electric Prisms, they were encouraged to share what they saw; what appeared a “hypnotizing snake” to one person was a “town road with shops” to another. From knitted bathing suits to geometric rugs to mosaic tiles, families found connections between the artworks by identifying similar patterns and reproducing them with crayons on their clipboards.

Daniel asked them to describe how the patterns in Coloured Rhythm made them feel, exploring boundlessness across the senses: “what would a zig-zag pattern sound like?” “If there was music accompanying this painting what would it be- a cello, a tick-tock noise, jazz?”

Then it was back down to the seminar room to create collages of their own. After brainstorming some Delaunay-inspired key words e.g. “symmetrical-magnetic,-space”, they began to launch their ideas, cutting colourful paper shapes and arranging onto long sheets of paper. The collages were lifted into the centre of the room and explored in motion, from different angles and overlapping perspectives, and ideas rearranged into one collaborative artwork like how the workshop began.

As if that wasn’t experimental and creative enough, and with just ten minutes to go, everyone was told: chop up your collages and make some outfits. Unrealistic? Not for these guys!

Catherine Gardner family
Collage Outfit

The whole approach to the day by Daniel and the EY families emphasized the idea that artwork does not sit still; with an open, energetic approach and a spirit of collaboration, new ideas and interpretations continually unfold, giving an uplifting freshness and outlook to things. Far from a lazy Sunday morning, the room at Tate Modern was left ringing with colour and energy. The combination of creativity colliding in that room was beyond impressive- proof of what minds fizzed-up by inspiration can achieve!

Thank you to everyone who attended the family workshops on Sunday 21st June: “the best one I’ve been to”, “dynamic, exciting & fun”, “the exhibition came alive”, “it brought the hidden artist out in us”, “I’ve never enjoyed arts as much as today”, “I would like to come back again”- with feedback like this, Sunday morning couldn’t have gone better!

For more information about our EY Family Workshops contact: artsclub@uk.ey.com